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photo of three hunting situations

How To Find Places To Hunt For High Quality Meat

Hunting is a great way to fill the homestead freezer but what do you do if you don't have a place to hunt? Many modern homesteaders don't have a hundred acres of fields and woods, many are living out their ...
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How To Build An Indoor Fish Tank Aquaponics System

How To Build An Indoor Fish Tank Aquaponics System

When you can't grow a garden outside for whatever reason, perhaps you have no land or it's the dead of winter, you can still have fresh homegrown vegetables by setting up an indoor fish tank aquaponics system. Aquaponics is a ...
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photo of various pigs on farm

How To Start Raising Pigs On Your Permaculture Homestead

When I was growing up on a homestead we always had pigs and I guess I took for granted just how important they were to our family and our property. Pigs are a great permaculture homestead animal but there are ...
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photo of split tomatoes

Why Do Tomatoes Split And What Can You Do About It

Early on in my gardening journey, I noticed something strange happening to my tomatoes which caused me to do a lot of research. Since then it is a question I get all the time from beginner gardeners and that question ...
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photo of raised garden beds made from pallets

How To Use Pallets To Build Raised Garden Beds

Growing a garden in raised beds has many benefits but can sometimes be a little costly depending on what you build them out of. I’m all about being frugal and using what I have or what I can get cheap ...
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photo of mulberry fruit and leaves

The Value Of Mulberry Trees On A Permaculture Homestead

When I was a kid I would spend many weekends at my grandparent's house, out behind their barn along the fence was a whole row (probably about 20) mulberry trees. Grandma would send me back there to pick a bucket ...
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photo of purslane in planter

Is Purslane a Friend or Foe of the Garden?

One focus of homesteading and gardening the "Permaculture Way" is recognizing the natural relationships and functions of every created thing in your sphere of influence. By always looking for this we can notice when something is out of balance and ...
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photo of apple tree

How To Plant Trees On Your Permaculture Homestead

map courtesy of planthardiness.ars.usda.gov, find more information on your growing zone by following the link ...
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Google earth image of small town homestead

Planning The New Urban Homestead Permaculture Design

The Changes Earlier this year we purchased the lot next door and to the south of ours, this property only has a barn on it and although it's not a large piece of land it did double what we had ...
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