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Episode 9: Garden Planning and Seed Companies


Redemption Permaculture Podcast – Episode 9 – 1/28/22

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Topics of Discussion:

  • Updates
  • Deciding What To Grow Next Year
  • My Favorite Seed Companies For Organic Heirloom Seeds

What To Plant In Your Garden

  • Plant What You Like To Eat
  • Consider What Grows Well In Your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone
  • Plant What Benefits Your Homestead
  • Look Through Seed Catalogs For Ideas

How To Choose A Good Organic Seed Business To Purchase From

  • They Recognize The Importance Of Organic and Heirloom Seeds Usually Expressed In Their Mission Statement
  • They Have A Good Inventory Of Seeds
  • Good Customer Support
  • Honesty

My Favorite Seed Companies For Organic Heirloom Seeds




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