photo of 2 quail chicks

How To Hatch Your Own Coturnix Quail Eggs At Home

Few things are more fulfilling than witnessing the complete life cycle of your livestock on the homestead. Hatching quail eggs is a great way to experience new life on the farm and it's really easy when you have the right ...
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photo of finished compost

Composting Basics: Make Use Of Waste and Improve Soil

I believe every homestead should be composting in some way if they are growing any food in the soil. Turning organic matter into a valuable garden amendment makes sense for the environment, for your health, and for your bank account ...
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Photo of a berry harvest

Building A Berry Abundant Permaculture Homestead

You ought to have seen what I saw on my wayTo the village, through Mortenson's pasture to-day:Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb,Real sky-blue, and heavy, and ready to drumIn the cavernous pail of the first one to ...
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Photo of garden harvesting

10 Reasons To Start Homesteading Now, Right Where You Are

"Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are"– Teddy Roosevelt Homesteading is hard work! I'm writing this right now at night, and I'm tired and am quite often tired at the end of the day. So why ...
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Photo of urban permaculture

Urban Small Space Permaculture Homestead Tour & How You Can Do It Too

Small yards are not an excuse to not pursue your permaculture homesteading dreams. You can do a lot in a small space and in an urban environment. This property tour is about 5 years into our homesteading journey, recorded in ...
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Photo of Backyard Greenhouse

What Is Modern Homesteading and How To Get Started

When we talk about homesteading in today's context, we generally mean it very differently than the word has been traditionally used. In today's context, it might be better to identify the term as modern homesteading. Modern Homesteading is the pursuit ...
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photo of a grafted sapling

Learn Grafting To Affordably Expand Your Permaculture Orchard

In my opinion, no permaculture homestead is complete without an orchard. Some of my fondest memories as a kid were centered around my grandparent’s and my parent’s orchard. Being able to go out and pick the fruit of your choice ...
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photo of Coturnix Quail

9 Great Reasons To Raise Quail On Your Permaculture Homestead

Raising small livestock on a permaculture homestead can have many advantages over large livestock, especially on an urban or suburban farm. Of all the livestock I've raised Coturnix Quail are my favorite for a lot of reasons. Here are 9 ...
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photo of hairy vetch

7 Uses For Hairy Vetch On The Permaculture Homestead

When it comes to cover crops, one of my favorite plants to grow is Hairy Vetch. This plant has a few great qualities about it that make it useful on the permaculture homestead. Here's how you can make the most ...
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photo of wheelbarrow full of weeds

What Is Biomass In Permaculture Application?

The term biomass, in general, refers to using plant and animal material to produce energy usually in the form of electricity or heat. Biomass still refers to the organic material produced by plants and animals but permaculture recognizes the energy ...
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Photo of kids selling eggs

7 Ways For Kids To Make Money On A Permaculture Homestead

Ok, so these 7 things are ways for anyone to make money but these are definitely something a young person can do for some extra cash. Children are the future, nothing profound about that statement but true nonetheless. Because they ...
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Photo of various cover crops

How To Use Cover Crops In Your Permaculture Garden

There are three main ways you can improve the soil in a garden bed, You can use organic mulches to cover the bed, work in soil amendments or you can grow cover crops. All of these methods work well and ...
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