photo of purslane in planter

Is Purslane a Friend or Foe of the Garden?

One focus of homesteading and gardening the "Permaculture Way" is recognizing the natural relationships and functions of every created thing in your sphere of influence. By always looking for this we can notice when something is out of balance and ...
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photo of apple tree

How To Plant Trees On Your Permaculture Homestead

map courtesy of, find more information on your growing zone by following the link ...
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Google earth image of small town homestead

Planning The New Urban Homestead Permaculture Design

The Changes Earlier this year we purchased the lot next door and to the south of ours, this property only has a barn on it and although it's not a large piece of land it did double what we had ...
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photo of comfrey plant

10 Ways To Use Comfrey On Your Permaculture Homestead

A few years ago I heard a little about some great qualities of the comfrey plant and added three plants to my small permaculture homestead and have never regretted it. It is now the most abundant, useful, and most loved ...
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Photo of various homestead dogs

4 Types Of Working Dogs To Consider For Your Homestead

The Year was 1957 and Walt Disney released a movie that would impact the lives of many generations. The movie was Old Yeller and in it, we came to love this energetic and ornery homestead dog. In the opening scenes ...
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Photo of various natural ecosystems with permaculture edge

Creating and Utilizing Permaculture Edge Effect For Abundance

What is commonly referred to as the 10th Permaculture design principle is the “Edge Effect” which is the use of edge and natural patterns for the best and most abundant effect. The use of this principle can increase productivity, efficiency, ...
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Photo of stacking functions in an urban backyard garden

Integrate Don’t Segregate, Stacking Functions In Permaculture

When it comes to designing your property using permaculture principles one of the many areas of consideration is stacking functions by integration rather than segregation. When I started implementing this design element into my homestead it increased productivity and efficiency ...
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Photo of rocks, leaves, and pallets

Finding Cheap and Free Resources To Build Your Homestead

What are you lacking to really get your homestead going; time, money, land, stuff? In this episode of the podcast and in this post, I will discuss how to find free and cheap resources to build your homestead. So what ...
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photo of lettuce growing in planter

How To Grow Fresh Lettuce All Year Through Winter And Summer

It is great to grow your own food, harvest that food, and then in some form or another preserve that food to make it available year-round. What is even better though is having something fresh from the garden you can ...
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Photo collage of perennials

Consider Growing These 7 Perennials On Your Homestead

When most people think about putting in a garden they usually mean an annual vegetable garden but there are some real advantages to creating a perennial garden on your homestead. Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes are obvious perennials but I ...
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photo of garden supplies

Planning Your Spring Permaculture Garden

You will for sure want to take a mental inventory of the things you regularly eat. These are the vegetables you will want to plant the most of. If you don’t like eggplant, don’t plant eggplant. Not everything grows good ...
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