Seed Viability, Seed Germination Tests, and Seed Starting Tools – Members Only Episode

On this Patreon members-only episode, Harold and Rachel discuss testing your seeds to see if they are still good and the tools to get started planting your seeds indoors.

We Discuss:

  • How Long Are Seeds Goods For?
  • How To Test Seeds To Know If They Are Good
  • Paper Towel Test
  • The Soil Test
  • Stratification
  • Scarification
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • What Tools and Equipment Do You Need For Seed Starting
  • Repurposing Items To Save Money
  • Cell Trays
  • Soil Block Makers
  • 10×20 Trays
  • Heat Mats
  • Grow Lights

Members Can Listen To This Podcast Episode Here:

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