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1. Raising Quail Has A Small Footprint

2. Quail Produce A High-Quality Meat

3. Quail Are Very Easy To Process

4. Quail Produce Delicious and Nutritious Eggs

5. Quail Produce Useful Manure

6. Quail Production Is A Quick Turn Around

7. Coturnix Quail Tolerate Heat and Cold Very Well

8. Quail Are Inexpensive To Raise

9. Raising Quail Presents An Income Opportunity

  • Negative Effects
    • Supply Costs Up
    • Feed
    • Supplies –  costs and shortages
    • Tools & Equipment – cost and shortages
    • Gas
  • Positive Effects
    • Mindset Change
    • More People Are Wanting To Grow Their Own Food
    • Some People Are Less Reluctant To Pay For Quality Product With The Higher Grocery Store Prices
  • What Can We Do About On A Lifestyle Level
    • Live More Frugally – Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle
    • Continue To Build Self Sufficiency and Self Reliance Skills
    • Seek Alternatives For Feed and Supplies
    • Grow More, Barter More, and Share More

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