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What Lights Should I Use For My Indoor Garden

Today is Day 16 of our 30 days of homesteading Q&A on the podcast where I have reached out to some of the best bloggers and podcasters in the homesteading space to answer your questions about homesteading.

Today’s question is “I’m going to set up some indoor grow beds in my basement for this winter and would like some advice on what wattage of lights I need to grow my vegetables?”


I am answering today’s question and will be discussing what to look for in a lightbulb. This is something I learned the hard way through trial and error until I finally did my research to find out exactly what I needed to know.


In this episode I will help you to understand:

  • Lumens
  • Kelvin
  • Type of lights
  • Placement of lights



Since originally posted this podcast LED Grow Lights have become much more affordable. I now suggest the Barrina LED Grow Light.

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