Will The Modern Homesteading Podcast Ever Start Back Up?

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Is that actually dust and cobwebs on my microphone? I can’t believe it has been well over a year since the last episode.

Why Did The Modern Homesteading Podcast Stop?


I was still doing the podcast a few months into all the changes covid was bringing to the world in 2020 but as time went on it started to have a huge impact on my life as well.


My job went into a shut down for several weeks but this wasn’t the thing that had the biggest impact on the podcast. When I got back to work, however, things got a little crazy as we scrambled to make up for lost time. I started working very long days and extra days a week for months which left very little time for anything else.


On top of the heavy work schedule we also found ourselves planning for my youngest daughters wedding in 2020. If anyone has ever married off a daughter you know the stress and preparation that can go into that. Ever see the movie “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin? I can relate to it.


We found ourselves spending a lot of time with the grandkids as any grandparents would want to.


We bought a used camper parked in a seasonal lot in a nice local campground to have a little get away on a few weekends a year. It’s a place where we can take the grandkids fishing and just sit around a campfire with friends to relax from time to time.


In the last year I have lost my brother and my grandmother. Losing my brother was tough for a couple months and I was in charge of handling his memorial service. The hardest message I ever had to deliver.

The Busyness of Life!

All in All it was just a busy few months and it pulled me away from the podcast and even my homesteading pursuits for a while.

The Homestead Continues To Slowly Transform

The Food Forest

I continued to very slowly work on the food forest I started the year before but didn’t make a ton of progress. Started to build a few guilds around some of the trees planted there.

Winter Aquaponics and Microgreens

I did grow an abundance of food in my kitchen and office through the 2020/2021 winter by growing several trays of microgreens a week and even setting up an indoor aquaponics system which produced very well.

A Long Road Ahead But It Will Be Worth It

No doubt there were a few setbacks on my homesteading journey last year but we are pressing forward and made a few changes that are setting us in a direction we want to go.

A New Website, a New Podcast and a Slightly New Direction

Introducing Redemption Permaculture and the Redemption Permaculture Podcast

Many of you may have noticed I made a change in websites. I shut down SmallTownHomestead.com and built a brand new website, RedemptionPermaculture.com

This signifies the direction I’m taking my homestead and the focus of my journey. Permaculture has made the biggest impact in the way I homestead and I want that to be reflected in the branding of the website.

But wait there’s more! I Started the new website at the beginning of 2021 and have been busy writing over 100 information packed articles but a couple months ago I launched a brand new podcast that I haven’t talked much about until now because I wanted to get a few episodes uploaded first.

Introducing the Redemption Permaculture Podcast

What I Will Be Talking About On Future Episodes of The New Podcast

Modern Homesteading Through The Lens of Permaculture

It will be a lot of the same but always with a permaculture twist.

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