A Modern Homesteader’s Poem

Reflections On The Pursuit Of Modern Homesteading

by Harold Thornbro

Busy commutes, demands of a job,
Freedom and peace, these things do rob.

Long hours away, little time at home,
Can things be better? Must I be owned?

Is there an answer? Can I escape?
It seems there’s a way but a new life I must shape.

Getting back to the roots of how it should be,
Growing gardens, picking fruit, raising livestock, and living free.

Snapping beans like Grandma did, rocking on her front porch,
Hunting and fishing like a kid after I’d done all my chores.

This is the life that my soul longed to see,
It’s becoming a reality for my whole family.

People don’t understand why we would want to live this way,
But they’ve never eaten from their land like we do here every day.

The freedom, the peace, the connection with the land,
These are the things I’ve come to understand.

Important they are but not highest on the list,
God and family cannot be dismissed.

God provides on this homestead what I lost and seemed to be losing.
Things I unknowingly traded for what the world was approving.

There is a way out but it requires a leap,
It’s not easy and the cost can feel steep.

It’s a small price to pay though, for the things that matter.
The renewed life today, a better tomorrow, and hereafter.

Homesteading Poem 1


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