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The Organic Gardening Workshop

My friend Melissa K. Norris is a 5th generation homesteader and farmer, with 20 years of experience growing her own food. In fact, she raises more than half of her family’s fruits and vegetables with a day job and on only a half-acre (their homestead has more acreage for livestock but all their gardens and fruit production is in the backyard).

Melissa spent 12 months building amazingly helpful lessons that will equip you to make your next gardening season you most successful yet. On top of that, she has invited many other successful gardeners to join this workshop to teach how they are seeing

In The Organic Gardening Workshop, Melissa will teach you:

  • How to identify micro-climates on your property
  • How to test your soil
  • How to plan your crops
  • About microgreens and sprouts
  • About succession planting
  • About seed starting, companion planting, and crop rotation
  • About raised garden beds, and…
  • How to use vertical gardening to maximize your space

She will also show you:

  • Organic options for amending your soil
  • Natural herbicide and pesticide solutions for your garden
  • And many, many more things!

This workshop isn’t your typical free course. Melissa shot these videos in her own garden showing you exactly how she produces successful yields year after year.

Organic Gardening Workshop

Check Out The Organic Gardening Workshop

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