Chatting About Urban Homesteading With Guest Sherry Willis

Chatting About Urban Homesteading With Guest Sherry Willis

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On today’s podcast, I interview Sherry Willis from Half-Pint Homestead. We discuss her homesteading journey from the wide-open spaces of Wyoming to eventually land within the city limits in Missouri on a 1/5 acre plot raising goats, chickens, and rabbits with plans to bring in other livestock.

Sherry and I discuss city ordinances pertaining to homesteading and how the modern homesteading movement is bringing about a change in the minds of many that enforce these rules.

We also talk about some of the ways a person can embrace urban homesteading and make the most of the place where you are.

Homesteading Business – Sherry talks about how she has used her homesteading knowledge and skills to start a full-time business by making products like Fodder Growing Systems, Grow Barrels, and Micro Greens Systems. We discuss extensively growing fodder for the healthy feeding of livestock.

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