Chatting About Urban Homesteading With Guest Sherry Willis

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On today’s podcast, I interview Sherry Willis from Half-Pint Homestead. We discuss her urban homesteading journey from the wide-open spaces of Wyoming to eventually land within the city limits in Missouri on a 1/5 acre plot raising goats, chickens, and rabbits with plans to bring in other livestock.

City Ordinances Pertaining To Urban Homesteading

Sherry and I discuss city ordinances about homesteading and how the modern homesteading movement is bringing about a change in the minds of many who enforce these rules.

We also discuss some of the ways a person can embrace urban homesteading and make the most of the place where they are.

Homesteading Business

Sherry talks about how she has used her homesteading knowledge and skills to start a full-time business by making products like Fodder Growing Systems, Grow Barrels, and Micro Greens Systems. We discuss extensively growing fodder for the healthy feeding of livestock.