Clearing Land, Growing Livestock Feed, Meat Rabbits, And More With Guest Jordy Buck

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold is joined by return guest Jordy Buck from to discuss clearing wooded land to grow livestock feed, raising rabbits, and more.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 189 – February 14, 2023

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Exploring Practical Homesteading with Jordy Buck: An In-Depth Conversation

In this insightful episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, host Harold Thornbro welcomes back Jordy Buck to discuss his homesteading projects and practical approaches to self-sufficient living. Jordy, a seasoned homesteader, shares his experiences and strategies from his one-acre homestead in Michigan.

Expanding Homestead Projects: Clearing Land and Growing Feed

Jordy dives into his latest undertaking—clearing out dense wooded areas on his property to create space for growing livestock feed. Emphasizing the importance of self-reliance, he explains how transforming his land into a perennial pasture for animal feed is both a practical and sustainable choice.

The Frugal Homesteader: Maximizing Resources

Jordy’s approach to homesteading is marked by frugality and resourcefulness. He discusses using minimal equipment, trading for necessities, and repurposing materials to maintain a cost-effective homestead. This philosophy extends to his livestock management, where he prioritizes natural, home-grown feed sources.

Raising Rabbits: A Key to Self-Sufficiency

The conversation shifts to the benefits of raising rabbits, highlighting them as an ideal animal for self-sufficient meat production. Jordy shares insights into their efficient feed conversion, ease of care, and the significant amount of meat they can provide, even on a small homestead.

Practical Animal Husbandry: Paddock Management

Jordy and Harold discuss the importance of proper animal husbandry, including the benefits of rotational grazing and paddock management. They explore how moving animals regularly promotes healthier livestock, better land use, and ultimately contributes to a more productive homestead.

The Importance of Homesteading Online: Blogging and YouTube

Jordy talks about his online presence, including his blog “Northern Homesteading” and YouTube channel. He emphasizes the value of sharing practical and family-oriented homesteading information, aiming to inspire and educate others on sustainable living practices.

Closing Thoughts: The Future of Jordy’s Homestead

As the episode wraps up, Jordy expresses his future aspirations, such as venturing into the seed business and expanding his homestead’s capabilities. His commitment to a practical, frugal, and sustainable lifestyle shines through as an inspiration for fellow homesteaders.

Discover more about Jordy Buck’s homesteading journey and insights by visiting his blog at Northern Homesteading and exploring his YouTube channel for valuable tips and tutorials.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Clearing wooded land
  • Dropping trees with an axe
  • Pulling stumps
  • Planting a perennial pasture for livestock feed
  • Tree crops vs ground crops for livestock feed
  • Using pigs to work the soil
  • Planting fruit and nut trees
  • Tree hay
  • Common comfrey vs Russian hybrid comfrey for pasture crop
  • Growing and using alfalfa for livestock feed
  • Why grow your own livestock feed
  • Animal health from natural foraging vs commercial feed
  • Raising meat rabbits
  • Mobile tractor pens for keeping small livestock on the ground
  • Livestock stress
  • Paddock raising livestock
  • Pasture management
  • Homestead income
  • Frugal and simple living


Jordy’s Website:

Jordy’s YouTube Channel: Homestead Knowhow

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