Making The Homesteading Dream Happen With Guest Anna Sakawsky

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, I chat with Anna Sakawsky from

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 131 – February 2, 2020 – Making The Homesteading Dream Happen With Guest Anna Sakawsky.

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Embracing Modern Homesteading: Insights from Anna of

Today, we’re joined by a special guest, Anna from, who shares her journey and experiences in homesteading on a small piece of land.

Anna’s Homesteading Journey

From City Life to Homesteading

Anna’s transition from urban living in Vancouver, BC, to embracing homesteading is a tale of discovery and transformation. Dissatisfaction with city life and a desire for a deeper connection with food and nature led her and her husband to pursue a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

Settling in Comox Valley

After much research and planning, Anna and her husband chose Comox Valley on Vancouver Island as their new home, drawn by its strong local farming community and emphasis on sustainability.

Making the Most of a Quarter Acre

Transforming a Small Space

Despite the size limitations of their quarter-acre property, Anna has successfully cultivated a productive garden, growing over a thousand pounds of food. This demonstrates that successful homesteading doesn’t require vast expanses of land.

A Diverse Homesteading Approach

Anna’s homesteading practices extend beyond gardening. She has ventured into food preservation, making natural home and body products, and even started a YouTube channel for visual learners. Her husband contributes with his handyman skills, adding another dimension to their self-sufficient lifestyle.

Building Community and Trading Skills

The Value of Local Connections

Anna highlights the importance of community in homesteading. Through local connections, she has been able to trade produce for eggs and meat, demonstrating the power of bartering and community support in a homesteading lifestyle. and Other Ventures

Blogging and Sharing Knowledge

Anna’s passion for writing and homesteading culminated in the creation of her blog, The platform serves as a means for her to document her journey, share knowledge, and inspire others interested in this lifestyle.

Educational Initiatives

Anna is working on a course titled “Seed to Soil,” aimed at teaching others the intricacies of growing food from seed. This course is designed as a comprehensive guide to help beginners avoid common pitfalls and successfully cultivate their gardens.


Anna’s story is an inspiring example of how dedication, planning, and community can turn even a small space into a thriving homestead. Her journey underscores that homesteading is not just about the size of your land but the passion and effort you put into it.

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