Off Grid Homesteading With Guests Dave and Sonya

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Rachel Has A Conversation With Guests Dave and Sonya About Homesteading Off-Grid.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 156 – September 21, 2022

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Exploring Off-Grid Living with Dave and Sonia


We welcome to the podcast Dave and Sonia, the creative minds behind “Off-Grid with Dave and Sonya”. Their unique homesteading journey, combining traditional and off-grid elements, offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Homesteading Origins

Sonya’s Story

Sonya’s homesteading journey began with her first child. It sparked a deep desire to provide for her family, leading to a backyard garden and preserving harvests. With guidance from her grandmother, Sonya learned canning, which opened doors to more self-sufficient practices.

Dave’s Contribution

Dave brought his skills in hunting and grain processing to the table. Their interest in self-reliance intensified around Y2K, steering them towards exploring various preservation methods, including freeze-drying, which offered higher nutritional retention.

Homesteading Skills and Adaptation

Adapting to Challenges

They faced challenges like adapting to their daughter’s celiac diagnosis and learning to prepare appropriate foods. Their homesteading skills evolved to include using a sous-vide for heating water efficiently and exploring different ways to accomplish daily tasks with less power consumption.

The Utility Trailer Project

Dave and Sonya transformed a 7×14 utility trailer into a fully insulated, off-grid living space. With spray foam insulation and a robust solar setup, it serves as a self-contained unit, capable of supporting air conditioning, refrigeration, and cooking appliances.

Embracing Off-Grid Technologies

Solar Generators and Power Units

Dave discusses his progression from a simple Harbor Freight solar unit to more sophisticated systems. They utilize portable power units and solar generators for their homesteading needs, ensuring they are prepared for any power outages.

Mobile Off-Grid Unit

Their off-grid trailer is not only a testament to their skills but also a versatile tool. It can serve as a backup power source for their home during outages, showcasing their ingenious approach to modern homesteading challenges.

Future Plans and Business Ventures

Educational Endeavors

The couple is passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge. They plan to host classes on various homesteading skills like food preservation, canning, and using renewable energy sources.

Online Presence

Their YouTube channel and social media platforms focus on educating viewers about off-grid living, DIY projects, and sustainable practices. They aim to inspire and guide others interested in a similar lifestyle.


Dave and Sonya’s journey is a prime example of modern homesteading’s adaptability and resilience. Their ability to blend traditional homesteading with off-grid innovations offers valuable insights for anyone interested in a self-sufficient lifestyle.

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