Q & A Episode – Pigs, Raised Bed Gardens and What Makes Someone A Homesteader

On today’s podcast episode I will be giving my thoughts on some questions from you, the listeners. I will be answering questions today on getting started raising pigs on a small scale, setting up raised bed gardens with a focus on the soil, and what makes a person a homesteader.

Today’s Questions:

Ellie asks – I really want to start raising pigs. Only one or two at a time. I just need some advice on what I need to get started, some tips on raising them to be healthy, and maybe some troubleshooting on any obstacles I might find in my way. Also what breed to look for being a first-timer and where to get them.

Scott asks – I want to try to do a lot more planting in raised bed planters next year. I would love to hear what you have to say about getting off to a good start. What type of soil mixture/amendments to start off with? Depth of soil? Maintenance? Irrigation/drainage?

All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew

The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett on Raised Bed Preparation

Jamie asks – A couple of episodes ago you gave a definition of modern homesteading that made a lot of sense to me, could you say a little more about what makes a person a homesteader? I don’t have a lot of land, I grow a garden and do some food preservation but I’m not sure I would call myself a homesteader.


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