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5 Great Ways To Use Coffee Grounds On The Homestead

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The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 95 – June 29, 2018 – 5 Great Ways To Use Coffee Grounds On The Homestead.


Question For Today’s Podcast Episode:


Adam asks: I have a compost pile going with mostly used straw bales and various clippings but have been tossing coffee grounds and eggshells into the pile then tossing it randomly. I don’t have my process down yet but was wondering how much coffee grounds could potentially be too much. I’m planning on working the compost into next year’s garden which will be tomatoes, various beans, corn, pumpkins and I guess your standard garden staple crops. I’m also looking for uses for days-old coffee since there’s always a little left in the pot each day. We love our coffee so there are fresh grounds daily.


I Discuss:

  • Coffee grounds in compost.
  • How to balance a hot compost pile.
  • Using coffee grounds in vermicomposting.
  • Other ways to use coffee grounds on the homestead.
  • Where to use unused coffee.
  • Where to get more coffee grounds.


The Rodale Book of Composting –


The Homestead Life:

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The zucchini harvest. Love getting the first zucchini of the year, I enjoy all the awesome dishes we make from it and I love sharing the harvest with others.


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