A Beginners Guide To Growing Garlic (aka. Stinking Rose) On The Homestead

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold and Rachel Have A Conversation All About Growing Garlic. The Reasons You Should Grow It, How and When To Plant It, Companion Planting, and Harvesting Garlic.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 155 – September 14, 2022

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Topics of Discussion

  • About Garlic
  • Reasons To Grow Garlic
    • Easy To Grow
    • Easy To Store
    • Has Garden Benefits
    • Culinary Benefits
    • Health Benefits
  • Which Garlic Should You Grow
    • Softneck
    • Hardneck
    • Elephant Garlic
  • Growing Garlic
    • Growing Zones
    • Soil and Sun Requirements
    • Good and Bad Companions For Garlic
    • Pest and disease 
  • Planting Garlic
    • Preparing The Soil
    • Planting The Cloves
    • Growing Garlic From Seed
    • Caring For Garlic
  • When To Plant Garlic
  • When and How To Harvest Garlic
    • Scapes
    • Bulbs
  • Curing Garlic

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LEARN TO PROPERLY COLLECT AND GROW TRUE GARLIC SEED – http://garlicseed.blogspot.com/p/growing-garlic-from-true-seed.html 

4-Tine Spading Digging Fork – https://amzn.to/3cDsdvU 

Growing Garlic In Your Homestead Garden – https://redemptionpermaculture.com/growing-garlic-in-a-permaculture-garden/ 

Fermented Garlic Recipe – https://www.thespruceeats.com/lacto-fermented-garlic-recipe-1327724

Garlic Confit – https://cravingcalifornia.com/oven-roasted-garlic-confit/#recipe

Roasted Garlic infused oil – https://www.saveur.com/roasted-garlic-and-roasted-garlic-oil-recipes/



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