Educating, Inspiring, and Connecting Homesteaders with Guest Rhonda Fowler

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold talks with guest Rhonda Fowler. She is the Founder of the Indiana Homesteading Conference and has a passion for educating, inspiring, and connecting homesteaders to help them obtain a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 198 – April 24, 2023

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A Deep Dive into the Indiana Homesteading Conference with Rhonda Fowler

In this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, host Harold Thornbro introduces Rhonda Fowler, the founder of the Indiana Homesteading Conference. This session aims to delve into Rhonda’s journey in homesteading, the conception of the conference, and its expanding scope.

Rhonda Fowler’s Homesteading Journey

From Family Farm Roots to Sustainable Living

Rhonda shares her upbringing on a small family farm, where sustainable living was a way of life even before it was widely recognized. Her mother’s Tennessee roots and experiences during the Great Depression shaped a lifestyle focused on self-reliance and sustainability.

Evolving Homesteading Practices

Despite moving away from intensive homesteading due to demanding careers, Rhonda and her husband maintained a connection with the land, planting fruit trees and managing small-scale gardening. The desire to reconnect more deeply with homesteading resurfaced, leading to an exploration of permaculture, food forests, and preserving food.

The Catalyst for the Indiana Homesteading Conference

Addressing a Local Gap in Homesteading Education

Rhonda expresses her motivation for starting the Indiana Homesteading Conference, noting the lack of local educational resources in homesteading. The conference aims to bring together like-minded individuals to share knowledge and experiences in sustainable living.

A Reflection on Current Global Trends

The conference is also a response to a changing world, where reliance on extensive and often unsustainable systems is becoming increasingly apparent. Rhonda emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with God’s design for creation and living a life more attuned to natural processes.

The Indiana Homesteading Conference: Layout and Offerings

A Two-Day Event Packed with Learning and Fun

The conference, spanning two days, offers a blend of educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. It includes various speakers and experts in homesteading, covering topics from beginner to advanced levels.

Building Community and Sharing Resources

A key aspect of the conference is fostering community among homesteaders. Regional breakout sessions provide a platform for attendees to connect with local resources and fellow homesteaders, sharing tips, tools, and experiences.

Special Features: Hog Roast and Hootenanny

Adding to the conference’s appeal is the Hog Roast and Hootenanny, featuring a live band and a delicious meal prepared on-site. This social event offers a chance for attendees to unwind and connect in a relaxed setting.

The Role of the Conference in Reviving Homesteading Skills

Breaking the Mindset of Dependence

Rhonda discusses the importance of changing mindsets from dependence on large-scale agricultural systems to a focus on local, sustainable food production. The conference plays a crucial role in educating people about the abundance that small-scale homesteading can bring.

Inspiring and Motivating Aspiring Homesteaders

By bringing together a community of homesteaders and experts, the conference aims to inspire and motivate individuals to embark on or deepen their homesteading journey, regardless of their starting point.

Conclusion: A Call to Homesteading Action

Encouraging Participation and Spreading the Word

The podcast concludes with a call to listeners to participate in the Indiana Homesteading Conference and help spread the word about this enriching event. Harold Thornbro and Rhonda Fowler emphasize the conference’s potential to ignite a passion for homesteading and create lasting community connections.

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