Announcements and Recommendations


I decided to take a break for a couple of weeks during the holiday season from the regular podcast episodes but I did want to tell you a few things and leave you with some recommendations.



The first thing I wanted to tell you was exciting for us as we welcomed a new addition to our family on December 21. Our second daughter, Heather, blessed us with a granddaughter, Rosalyn Marie. She is already an amazing and beautiful little girl and I really look forward to seeing her grow up and handing down a homesteading legacy to her.


Second, I wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful year of podcasting. We experienced a lot of growth in both listeners and at our Facebook Group, The Homestead Front Porch. I also had the privilege of interviewing some great guests who are mostly just homesteaders who listen to the show.



If you’re really wanting to listen to a podcast episode this week let me suggest a couple you might want to go back and listen to.


A great episode to listen to this time of the year to help you plan out next years garden and perhaps give you a little inspiration is Episode 49 “Planning Your Spring Garden”


Another episode you might consider listening to is one of my favorites as it came after the birth of my grandson back in February. Episode 57 “Passing On A Homesteading Legacy and Getting Started Homesteading Without Land”


I also wanted to recommend a resource I came across that might help you set some goals for the New Year, it’s the Live Your Legend Goal Setting and Action Workbook – A free 26 page workbook to help you evaluate and set goals for the next year.


I want to thank all of you for listening and wish you a Merry Christmas or a wonderful whatever it is you celebrate this time of year and a Happy and blessed New Year!


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