Homestead Healthy Eating With Guest Kelly The Kitchen Kop

Join Rachel as she interviews Kelly The Kitchen Kop and Discusses Healthy Eating On The Homestead Through Wise Food Choices and Home Cooking.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 178 – December 29, 2022

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Kelly is a registered LPN, author, blogger, homeschool mom and healthy lifestyle advocate. She is very active in the homestead community sourcing her food from local farms and homesteads as well as growing some of her own food.  She resides in a small town near Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Here are just a few of the many ways to follow and get in contact with Kelly. 

Kelly’s Website

Kelly’s FaceBook

Kelly’s YouTube

Real Food For Rookies– Kelly’s Book

If you go to her website you can follow all her social media sites.

Links Discussed In The Show:

Weston Price Foundation

Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Broth

The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book

Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

The Art of Gluten Free Sourdough

NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Grinder

How to Add More SUPER to these Simple Superfood Smoothies

The Easiest Sourdough Method + a Sourdough MIRACLE!

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Alesha

    Rachel I’m a new follower to the podcast and have already learned SO much! I have a couple questions about this episode:
    Your guys said soy was bad for us. I didn’t know about its growing conditions. That’s enlightening. But does that mean even edamame beans are bad? They have so much protein. I thought they were good for you.
    Also, you guys mentioned not giving your kids cold cereal. I’ll make oatmeal a couple times a week, but other than that I don’t feel like I have time in the morning for anything else except cereal. What else do you feed your kids (when they were young) for breakfast? And when do you have time to prepare it? We have egg sensitivities, so I can’t go there.
    Thanks for all you’re teaching me! Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Rachel


      Welcome to the podcast!

      So, I am going to comment based on my personal experience and thoughts, though those are based on some research.

      Probably the biggest reason I avoid soy is that it is almost always GMO and heavily sprayed. Another issue is hormones, it is used by many women to increase estrogen levels and I struggle with estrogen related hormone issues. The amount of protein in soy isn’t used by the body, like animal based proteins. Soy is a legume and they do have protein but not a complete amino acid profile like an animal product does. So if you consume them you should to combine them with foods to make that amino acid profile (some research shows over a 24 hour period). I struggle with absorption issues due to my non-reponsive celiac so I spend my calories on the most nutrient dense food I can or I would have to consume a lot of carbs and calories ( I have struggled with blood sugar since turning 45 (now almost 48)). For myself and many people with gut issues or auto-immune issues (I have 4/5 autoimmune diseases) legumes can cause an inflammatory response, unfortunately I am one. So this is why I don’t believe soy is healthy for me and most people.

      On the topic of boxed cereals.
      They are very processed and often full of GMO and sprayed grains, chemicals, and the cheapest forms of vitamins. They are also expensive. So what did/do we do instead? When my kids were young it was oatmeal, meat, yogurt, homemade granola, leftovers, breakfast bakes, pancakes. Currently the hubs and I usually start our day with eggs, cottage cheese, or left overs. We also have an egg allergy in the family as well as celiac (three generations) so food choices are hard (I can’t do oats at all, and we are very light on the grains). When the kids were little I would batch cook these and freeze them for busy mornings. But I will be honest, I was a stay at home mom for two decades. I don’t know how parents who both work do it! My hats off!

      If you want more information on the topic of legumes, soaking, soy, etc. You may enjoy the link above to The Weston Price Foundation. You may enjoy the research from The Paleo Mom on the effects of legumes and grains for those with gut issues. She is a research scientist and has a lot of links in her articles from studies.

      Now, that is ME and my family. If you like soy and disagree with me that’s just fine (I am sure many disagree with my meat heavy diet). We all have to find our own path to health, wellness and happiness.

      Thank you for listening and such a well thought out question. I hope I was helpful.

      Grow Where You’re Planted,

  2. Alicia

    New follower here.. so happy I stumbled upon your podcast!!! This episode with Kelly was amazing. I am one of those eager learners that wants to absorb as much as I can but dont know where to start!

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