Coffee Chat About Our Homesteads and What We’ve Been Up To

On Today’s Podcast Episode Harold and Rachel Have A Chat Over Coffee About Their Gardens, What’s New On The Homestead, What They’ve Been Up To, and What’s Coming Up.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 212 – July 17, 2023

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Reflecting on the Joys and Challenges of Homesteading: A Coffee Chat with Harold Thornbro and Rachel Jamison

A Relaxed Homestead Update

Join Harold Thornbro and Rachel Jamison in a laid-back conversation as they discuss their recent activities on their homesteads. This informal coffee chat offers a glimpse into the daily life of a homesteader, covering garden updates, learning experiences, and community events.

Gardening Updates: The Ups and Downs

Experiencing the Wonders of Rain and Challenges of Weeds

Both Harold and Rachel share their gardening experiences, highlighting the impact of rain on their gardens and the ongoing battle with weeds. They discuss the differences in plant growth with pond water, rainwater, and hose water, emphasizing the unique benefits of natural rainfall.

Harvesting and Preserving Garden Produce

The conversation shifts to the process of harvesting and preserving various garden produce like garlic, squash, and greens. Rachel and Harold exchange tips on making the most of their harvest, from fermenting to pickling, and explore different methods of preservation.

Homestead Livestock and Pest Control

Encounters with Wildlife and Pest Management

Rachel shares her struggles with rabbits and pill bugs in her garden, offering solutions like ethical fencing and alternative gardening techniques. Harold reflects on his efforts to protect his garden from pests and discusses the importance of sustainable pest management in homesteading.

Education and Community Engagement

Hosting Workshops and Attending Conferences

Rachel recounts her experience organizing a small conference with Nick Ferguson at Baker’s Green Acres and her participation in various workshops. The significance of continuous learning and community involvement in homesteading is emphasized.

Homesteading Innovations and Techniques

Exploring Biochar Production and Vermicomposting

Harold delves into his experiments with creating biochar and the benefits it brings to soil fertility. He also discusses his venture into vermicomposting, explaining how these practices contribute to a more sustainable and closed-loop system on his homestead.

Personal Reflections and Future Plans

Balancing Homesteading with Personal Life

Both hosts reflect on the challenges of balancing homesteading responsibilities with personal life, family, and work commitments. They share insights into managing time and resources effectively while pursuing their passion for homesteading.

Conclusion: The Ever-Evolving Journey of Homesteading

As the coffee chat wraps up, Harold and Rachel look forward to future projects, including preparing for upcoming speaking engagements and continuing to build their online presence. They express gratitude for the homesteading community and the opportunity to share their experiences with like-minded individuals.

What Else We’ve Been Up To

  • The Event at Baker’s Green Acres
  • The Modern Homesteading Membership


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