Fodder Tree Crops For A More Resilient Homestead With Guest Nick Ferguson

Join Rachel as she interviews Nick Ferguson and Discusses Fodder Tree Crops for your Homestead and Animals To Increase Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, and Resilience.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 173 – December 8, 2022

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Nick Ferguson is an Ecosystems Engineering consultant who works all over the USA and internationally. He specializes in homestead and farm design, helping clients create resilient, ecologically sound, and sustainable farms.

Nick has spent his whole life studying ecology from a homeschooled start, to attending college at 16 years old. He’s gone on to manage large-scale design installations. And taught alongside greats such as Joel Salatin, Mark Shepherd, and Geoff Lawton. He currently homesteads in Louisiana between consulting tours.


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