Connecting Homesteaders and Building Skills with Homesteaders of Indiana

On This Episode of The Modern Homesteading Podcast Harold Has A Conversation With Paul Circle and Brooke Schafer, Two Of The Administrators Of The Homesteaders Of Indiana Group.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 171 – December 1, 2022

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The Homesteaders of Indiana: Fostering Community and Sustainability

Today’s episode is a special one as we dive into the vibrant world of homesteading in Indiana. We’re joined by Paul Circle and Brooke Shaffer, the founder and an admin of the Homesteaders of Indiana, an inspiring group that started on Instagram. Let’s explore their journey, the impact of their work, and their vision for the future.

The Genesis of Homesteaders of Indiana

Paul Circle’s Inspiration: The story began with Paul’s passion for connecting with like-minded individuals on Instagram, especially those in Indiana. Realizing the potential of a larger community, he drew inspiration from the Homesteaders of Michigan, leading to the birth of the Homesteaders of Indiana in 2019.

Brooke Shaffer’s Perspective: Brooke, coming from a different background, adds a unique dimension to the group. Her involvement emphasizes the diversity and inclusivity within the homesteading community.

Growth and Evolution

The Homesteaders of Indiana has seen significant growth since its inception. The group’s focus on Instagram has allowed them to reach a wide audience, connecting homesteaders across the state. The introduction of “Meet the Hoosier Tuesday” has been a pivotal feature, spotlighting local homesteaders weekly.

Expansion into Other Platforms: The group has expanded beyond Instagram, exploring Facebook, a website, and even considering a YouTube channel. This expansion aims to cater to different demographics and enhance their reach.

Building a Community

The Homesteaders of Indiana’s primary goal is to build a tight-knit community. They’ve organized events, including classes on various homesteading skills, fostering face-to-face connections. These gatherings are more than just educational; they’re about building relationships and sharing experiences.

Impact on Local Homesteading: The group has significantly influenced local homesteading. From sharing resources to organizing classes, they’ve made homesteading more accessible and communal. The idea of bartering, sharing skills, and helping each other has strengthened the sense of community.

Future Plans

The group has big plans for the future. They intend to organize more classes, develop digital content, and compile a comprehensive resource list for Indiana homesteaders. Other ambitious projects like “92 Counties in 92 Weeks” and a potential podcast are in the pipeline, aiming to highlight the diversity and richness of Indiana’s homesteading scene.

The Role of Social Media

Social media has played a crucial role in the group’s success. It has been a platform for connection, learning, and inspiration. The group’s presence on various social media platforms has made homesteading more visible and accessible to a broader audience.


The Homesteaders of Indiana is more than just a group; it’s a movement that brings together people passionate about sustainable living and self-sufficiency. Their journey, from a small Instagram page to a thriving community, is a testament to the power of shared interests and the human desire for connection with the land and each other. As they continue to grow, their impact on Indiana’s homesteading landscape is undeniable.


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