Faith, Family, and Farming with Guests Brad and Starla Walker

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold talks with Brad and Starla Walker about their journey into homesteading, healthy eating, large families and a multigenerational perspective, the role their faith plays in homesteading, and their elderberry business.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 229 – November 29, 2023

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Brad and Starla began their adventure into farming in 2017 while living in the city beginning with a small house, a quarter acre lot, a few kids, 50 chickens, a few goats, 2 beehives, 3 turkeys, and a garden all happily getting along. Eventually, as their family continued to grow, they knew that they needed/wanted more space (house and land) – so they moved into their current home with the dream of turning it into a place where they not only raised their own food, but were able to provide food for other families as well.

Now they have ample space to raise pasture pigs, chickens, cows, and bees – and let their kids free range as well. In 2022, they were able to purchase Abby’s Elderberry from their friends, the Moody family.

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The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve (Homegrown City Life, 8)
  • Elderberry’s amazing history
  • Cultivating and foraging, from the balcony to the backyard
  • Various traditional food and medicine preparations

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Journey to Homesteading: The Walker Family’s Story

Introduction: The Walker family’s transition from suburban living to homesteading exemplifies a growing movement towards sustainable living and self-sufficiency. Their story, featured on the Modern Homesteading Podcast, is a fascinating account of how Brad and Starla Walker embraced homesteading, transforming their lives and livelihoods in the process.

From Suburbia to Sustainability: The Early Years Brad and Starla’s journey began as they led a typical city life. The turn towards homesteading was sparked by their desire for a healthier lifestyle and a conviction to move away from the suburbs. The decision to buy a house and clean up their diet marked the first steps towards this new life.

The Gateway to Homesteading: Hunting and Farming Initially hesitant, Brad took up hunting, which became the “gateway drug” into homesteading. The experience of providing food for his family was transformative, leading to the family raising rabbits, chickens, and eventually expanding to a variety of livestock on their 15-acre farm.

Influences and Education: Learning from the Pioneers Influential figures like Justin Rhodes and Joel Salatin played a significant role in the Walkers’ homesteading education. Through YouTube videos and books, they learned practical skills such as butchering and farming, eventually expanding their knowledge to run a successful homestead.

Elderberry Business: A New Venture The purchase of Abby’s Elderberries from John Moody added a new dimension to their homesteading journey. They started producing elderberry syrup and related products, learning about the plant and recognizing its abundance in their surroundings. The business has grown successfully, providing an additional income stream for the family.

Homesteading with Children: Education and Inheritance Homeschooling their children is a crucial aspect of the Walker family’s homesteading life. They emphasize teaching practical skills alongside academic knowledge, ensuring their children understand the value of self-sufficiency and stewardship of the land. The family aims to create a legacy, passing on not only the skills but also the business to future generations.

Conclusion: The Walkers’ story is an inspiring example of how modern families can transition from a conventional lifestyle to one that is more connected with nature, sustainable, and self-sufficient. Their journey highlights the importance of learning, adapting, and passing down knowledge and values to the next generation, ensuring the continuity of the homesteading way of life.


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