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A Homesteading Journey That Went Down Many Paths With Guest Michele Nutter

On this podcast episode, I have a conversation with homesteader and Author Michele Nutter. Michele started homesteading for frugal living reasons but soon started down many other paths such as pursuing healthy eating of ethically raised meats, herbal remedies, and even a preparedness lifestyle as well as many other paths.

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The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 96 – July 9, 2018 – A Homesteading Journey That Went Down Many Paths: An Interview With Michele Nutter.

Michele and I discuss:

  • We talk about how she began homesteading as she started with frugal living.
  • She shares with us her journey into eating organic ethically raised meat.
  • Also, we dive into her view on preparedness.
  • We talk about her journey into foraging and herbal remedies.
  • We talk a little about her book and why she chose to write it.
  • We also talk a little about getting started homesteading where you are with what you have.

Michele’s Book: Countercultural: Rebel With A Cause –

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