Homesteading Plans And Provisions With Guest Jason White

Join Rachel as she interviews Jason White, host of the Plans and Provisions Podcast, about his family’s journey into homesteading, about their homestead, and future plans.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 183 – January 16, 2023

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Exploring Homesteading: A Conversation with Jason White of Plans and Provisions

In this engaging episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, we delve into the world of homesteading with our guest, Jason White, from the Plans and Provisions podcast. Jason’s unique journey from the suburbs to the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Southwest Missouri offers a fascinating perspective on transitioning to a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Jason’s Journey into Homesteading

Jason White’s story begins in a typical suburban setting, far removed from the rural lifestyle he would eventually embrace. His interest in the origins of food and agriculture sparked in his early 20s. This curiosity led him to Maui, where an internship in coffee processing opened his eyes to the beauty and practicality of agricultural life. Here, he also met his wife, a native of the island, setting them both on a path towards homesteading.

The Road to Missouri

Jason and his wife spent several years in Oregon, engaging with local farms and learning essential homesteading skills, such as gardening, raising poultry, and dairy processing. After a stint in Arizona for family and financial reasons, the longing for a rural life led them to establish their homestead in Missouri. Their property, just under five acres, includes pasture, gardens, and the crucial amenity of high-speed internet.

Building Community and Setting Goals

A significant aspect of Jason’s homesteading journey is building a sense of community. He talks about initiating a local homesteading community and finding a homeschooling co-op through Facebook, highlighting the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals. For 2023, Jason’s goals are focused on refining his gardening techniques, exploring rabbit breeding, and achieving feed sustainability. He also emphasizes the importance of meticulous record-keeping to track progress and make informed decisions.

Sheep Farming: A Sustainable Vision

Jason shares his vision of raising sheep for meat production, citing the advantages of their manageable size, ease of handling, and faster turnaround compared to larger livestock like cattle. He discusses diversifying with multiple species for holistic farm management and the importance of adapting to local climate and resources.

The Interplay of Homesteading and Homeschooling

The podcast touches on the intersection of homesteading and homeschooling. Jason and his wife are committed to homeschooling their children, integrating it seamlessly with their homesteading philosophy. This approach not only empowers their children with practical life skills but also instills values of self-reliance and sustainability.

Embracing the Homesteading Journey

As Jason reflects on his experiences and plans, it becomes clear that homesteading is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. He talks about upcoming projects like developing food forests and fodder trees, and the challenges he anticipates. His story is a testament to the resilience and proactive mindset essential in the evolving world of homesteading.


Jason White’s transition from suburban life to a thriving homestead in the Ozarks is a source of inspiration for anyone considering a similar path. His experiences underscore the importance of community, adaptability, and a forward-thinking approach in the realm of modern homesteading. Whether you’re in an urban setting or a rural area, opportunities abound to embrace a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle.

For more insights and stories from Jason White, be sure to visit the Plans and Provisions podcast. Remember, no matter where you are, there’s always room to grow and thrive in the world of homesteading.

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