Weed Management In Your Garden With Guest John Moody

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, guest John Moody talks to us about many methods for controlling weeds in your garden.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 143 – June 15, 2020 – Weed Management In Your Garden With Guest John Moody.

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Winning the War on Weeds: A Conversation with John Moody


In this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, I chat with John Moody about a common challenge for gardeners: managing weeds. John shares invaluable insights from his book on the subject, helping gardeners make their efforts less tiresome and more fruitful.

John Moody: The Unlikely Homesteader

John begins by recounting his journey from a city kid to a dedicated homesteader. Despite an urban upbringing, he found his way to homesteading about a decade ago. His experiences, from worm composting in an apartment to managing a substantial homestead, highlight the versatility and adaptability of the homesteading lifestyle.

The Weed Challenge

One of the biggest hurdles in gardening is weed management. John talks about his initial struggles with poor soil quality, leading to his expertise in building rich soil. However, creating fertile soil brought a new challenge: an influx of weeds. He shares how he significantly reduced weeding time by over 90% through various techniques.

Effective Weed Management Techniques

John elaborates on several methods to combat weeds:

  1. Solarization: Using clear plastic to increase soil temperature, killing weeds, pests, and pathogens.
  2. Oculation: Covering the ground with black tarp to prevent weed growth by blocking sunlight.
  3. Cover Crops: Utilizing cover crops like clover in between main crops to improve soil and suppress weeds.

Implementing Practical Solutions

John emphasizes the importance of not leaving soil bare to prevent weed invasion. He suggests mulching, using cover crops, or solarization/oculation to prepare beds for the next planting. These methods not only manage weeds but also contribute to soil health and water conservation.

Balancing Homesteading with Family Life

The conversation shifts to the importance of balancing homesteading activities with family life. John stresses the significance of not overextending oneself in gardening or farming efforts. It’s crucial to find a balance that allows for a productive yet enjoyable lifestyle.

The Role of Community and Learning

Both John and I advocate for the value of community and continuous learning in homesteading. Engaging with other gardeners, attending workshops, and sharing experiences are vital for growth and overcoming challenges like weed management.


John Moody’s insights into weed management are not just about eliminating a nuisance. They represent a holistic approach to gardening and homesteading, where every challenge is an opportunity to improve and grow. By managing weeds effectively, gardeners can enjoy their passion more and contribute positively to their family and community life.

  • Links to many of John’s books including Winning The War On Weeds can be found at his website, https://johnwmoody.com/
Winning the War on Weeds: A No-Till Gardening Handbook
  • Moody, John (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 213 Pages – 10/12/2021 (Publication Date) – Florida Food Forests, Inc….

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