Homesteading Success Through Hard Work, Consistency, and An Abundance Mindset: Guest Justin Rhodes

On Today’s Podcast Episode Rachel talks with Justin Rhodes of Abundance Plus About His Families Journey Into Homesteading, His Many Projects, The Blessings and Challenges Along The Way, and How Success Has Come Through Hard Work, Consistency, and An Abundant Mindset.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 207 – June 12, 2023

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Justin and his wife Rebekah have five children and a growing farm and influence upon the growing homesteading community.  They started small with chickens and gardens making a documentary called Permaculture Chickens and then slowly grew to a farm with beef cows, milk cows, meat birds, laying hens, sheep, pigs, geese and more. They have another documentary where they took a year and traveled to different farms, that one is called The Great American Farm Tour

More recently their projects have been around a private membership that involves teaching and videos from many different homesteaders and the skilled trades. Justin has also authored a few books, has a podcast; he and Rebekah also travel to speaking engagements.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy Justin’s enthusiasm, encouragement and his positive way of thinking. 

A Journey into Homesteading: An Interview with Justin Rhodes on the Modern Homesteading Podcast

Host Rachel Jamison of the Modern Homesteading Podcast recently sat down with Justin Rhodes, a prominent figure in the homesteading community. Known for his family-oriented approach and innovative techniques, Justin has been an inspiration for many in the journey towards sustainable living. This article encapsulates their enlightening conversation, offering insights into Justin’s homesteading journey, challenges, and his vision for the future.

The Genesis of Justin Rhodes’ Homesteading Journey

  • Family Legacy: Justin’s journey began on family-owned land, purchased by his grandfather in 1932. Despite his father choosing a different path, Justin always harbored a love for country living.
  • Health and Sustainability: The shift towards homesteading was catalyzed by health concerns, particularly about the quality of conventional milk. This led to a gradual transition towards organic and whole foods.
  • Financial Constraints and Innovations: Budget limitations compelled Justin and his family to adopt a more self-sufficient lifestyle, starting with a simple garden and eventually expanding to include various livestock.

Building a Sustainable Homestead

  • Diverse Livestock: Their homestead hosts a variety of animals, including cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, each serving a unique purpose in the ecosystem they’ve created.
  • Educational Ventures: Justin’s journey has been documented through various mediums, including the “Permaculture Chickens” video and the “Great American Farm Tour”, providing valuable resources for aspiring homesteaders.
  • Challenges and Adaptability: The interview delves into the challenges faced, such as the management of livestock and the learning curve involved in sustainable farming practices.

The Role of Family in Homesteading

  • Family Involvement: Justin emphasizes the importance of family in the homesteading process, with each member contributing in their own way, whether it’s handling livestock, managing the household, or supporting various projects.
  • Legacy and Future Plans: The vision for the future includes not just maintaining the homestead but expanding its capabilities, possibly incorporating bees and accommodating his children’s interests, like horse farming.

Educational Contributions and Upcoming Projects

  • Homestead Builds Book: Justin discusses his upcoming book, “Homestead Builds”, which focuses on practical, efficient, and mobile structures for homesteading, based on his extensive experience.
  • Content Creation: The Rhodes family continues to inspire through their YouTube channel, social media presence, and the membership platform, Abundance Plus, sharing both their successes and failures in the journey of homesteading.

Closing Thoughts

The interview concludes with reflections on the passion and commitment that drive Justin and his family. Their approach to homesteading is not just about sustainable living but also about building a community, sharing knowledge, and fostering a culture of resilience and adaptability.

In summary, Justin Rhodes’ interview offers a deep dive into the world of homesteading, highlighting the importance of family, community, and continuous learning in the journey towards a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.


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