Homesteading Success Through Hard Work, Consistency, and An Abundance Mindset: Guest Justin Rhodes

On Today’s Podcast Episode Rachel talks with Justin Rhodes of Abundance Plus About His Families Journey Into Homesteading, His Many Projects, The Blessings and Challenges Along The Way, and How Success Has Come Through Hard Work, Consistency, and An Abundant Mindset.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 207 – June 12, 2023

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Justin and his wife Rebekah have five children and a growing farm and influence upon the growing homesteading community.  They started small with chickens and gardens making a documentary called Permaculture Chickens and then slowly grew to a farm with beef cows, milk cows, meat birds, laying hens, sheep, pigs, geese and more. They have another documentary where they took a year and traveled to different farms, that one is called The Great American Farm Tour

More recently their projects have been around a private membership that involves teaching and videos from many different homesteaders and the skilled trades. Justin has also authored a few books, has a podcast; he and Rebekah also travel to speaking engagements.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy Justin’s enthusiasm, encouragement and his positive way of thinking. 


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