Working To Build A Homesteading Community With Guest Melinda Lee

On today’s podcast episode I’m joined by Melinda Lee, a homesteader in Ohio with a passion for working with and building a community around gardening and homesteading. Melinda has a website called “The Homesteading and Preparedness Collective” where she shares about her urban homestead along with other useful information to help others down their own homesteading paths.


Melinda and I discuss:

  • Where her passion began and her journey into homesteading.
  • The garden she has planted on her urban homestead, raised beds, and rain garden.
  • The perennials she has planted. The challenges of homesteading in a busy area as she is located next to a school.
  • Food preservation and preparation.
  • We talk a lot about Melinda’s community involvement with festivals and groups in her area.
  • Her future projects for her homestead and in the community.
  • We also talk about why she thinks spreading the love of homesteading and gardening is so important.
  • and Much More.


Melinda’s Website:


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