Off Grid Living, Restoring Land, and Transforming Conventional Farms To Regenerative Farms: Guest Eddy Garcia

On Today’s Podcast Episode, Harold has a conversation with Eddy Garcia of Living Earth Systems about his journey into off-grid living and regenerative agriculture. We also dive into methods for transforming a conventional farm into a profitable and productive regenerative farm quickly.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 205 – June 1, 2023

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About Eddy

Eddy Garcia, the founder of Living Earth Systems, has been self-reliant since the age of 7 when he decided to drop out of school and run away from home so he could surf all day. As a child living off-grid on Moloka’i, he taught himself how to hunt, produce energy, build shelters, and live off the land.

Now, Eddy is a leading expert in the regenerative agriculture field due to his innovative systems based on
his decades of living close to Nature. He goes beyond organic to grow food that replenishes nutrients in the soil and heals the land.

He’s been featured in Surfer Magazine for the worms he discovered that compost styrofoam, PermaEthos TV, a number of podcasts focused on regenerative farming and permaculture, and has been a speaker at the Rising Tides Summit.

We Discuss:

  • Eddy’s journey into off-grid living and regenerative agriculture
  • The many projects he has been involved in
  • Urban and small-scale projects
  • Rejuvenating and redeeming land that has been destroyed by human development
  • Transforming conventional farms into regenerative farms

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