Pioneer Roots With Guest Melissa K. Norris

On this episode of The Modern Homesteading Podcast, I’m joined by homesteader, blogger, author, and podcaster Melissa K. Norris.

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If you landed on this page because you heard me on Melissa’s podcast and you wanted the 5 free audio lessons, I no longer have that course available. However, listeners of the Pioneering Today Podcast can get the entire course in book form for free by clicking here.

Melissa and her family homestead 15 acres in Washington where they raise cattle, chickens, pigs, grow heirloom vegetables and put a lot of emphasis on cooking from scratch. She has written two books and she is the host of the “Pioneering Today” Podcast.

Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 69 – November 19, 2017

Pioneer Roots With Guest Melissa K. Norris

Melissa and I Discuss:

  • How she got a passion for homesteading and began her journey.
  • An audio tour of her homestead.
  • Why she started cooking from scratch and the difference it made.
  • We talk about her books and Master Class.
  • Melissa gives advice for folks just getting started.

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