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A Small Farm In The Making With Guest Jillae Dalmolin

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On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, I chat with Jillae Dalmolin from Wanderin’ Barefoot Farm.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 136 – March 2, 2020 – A Small Farm In The Making With Guest Jillae Dalmolin.

Jillae and I Discuss:

  • Jillae’s journey into homesteading.
  • Growing and raising nutritious food for better health.
  • Seed Starting and selling plants.
  • The livestock they are raising on their farm.
  • Predator pressure.
  • Transitioning from homesteading for themselves to farming for the community.
  • Educating others on homesteading skills.
  • Nutritious food and the medical community.
  • Future homesteading plans.


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