An Interview With A Young Homesteader: Guests Bella and Her Grandma Anita

On Today’s Podcast Episode, Rachel interviews a budding young homesteader, Bella. Her passion is to inspire others while gaining her own skills. She has even started selling at the farmer’s market! Please join Rachel as she talks about wood cook stoves, raised beds and more!

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 199 – April 28, 2023

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Interview with Young Homesteader Bella and Grandma Anita

Embracing Traditional Cooking Methods

Eleven-year-old Bella, an avid baker and cook, shares her experience with using a wood cook stove under the guidance of her grandmother, Anita. Despite the challenges of the stove’s intense heat, Bella finds joy and ease in this traditional cooking method.

Transition to Antique Gas Stove

As summer approaches, with its southern warmth, Bella and her grandmother plan to switch to an antique gas stove for a more comfortable cooking experience.

Homestead Projects and Aspirations

Bella and Anita discuss their raised bed gardening, utilizing layers of cardboard, rotting limbs, sawdust, barn dirt, manure, and topsoil for optimal growth. They eagerly anticipate planting more vegetables and flowers, with plans to use the produce for baking and possibly selling at the farmer’s market.

Diverse Homestead Life

The interview reveals Bella’s multifaceted homestead life, which includes caring for chickens, horses, and other pets. She expresses a desire to expand her skills, hoping to inspire other children and adults alike.

Outdoor Kitchen Adventures

Anita describes their upcoming project – an outdoor kitchen set in a converted carport. This space, equipped with an antique gas stove, will allow them to enjoy cooking outdoors, away from the heat of the wood cook stove.

Passing on the Legacy

The interview highlights the beautiful bond between Bella and Anita, showcasing how homesteading skills and passions are passed down through generations.

Exploring the Blog: Cozy Kitchen Wood Stove

Listeners are encouraged to follow Bella and Anita’s journey on their blog, where they share recipes, gardening tips, and more about their homesteading lifestyle.

Final Thoughts: Growing Where You’re Planted

The podcast concludes with a reminder of the inspiration Bella provides to the homesteading community. Her journey, shared on her blog, serves as a beacon of encouragement for both budding and experienced homesteaders alike.


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