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Building An Off Grid Homestead From The Ground Up with Guest Dwayne Legro

On This Episode of The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold talks with Dwayne Legro From The Youtube Channel Off Grit About His Lifestyle Of Self Sufficiency, and The Off Grid Homestead He Is Building In The Arizona Desert.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 194 – March 21, 2023

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Dwayne shares his journey about building a homestead in the Arizona Desert on his Youtube channel called Off Grit. He has been living off the grid for about two years. He harvests and uses rainwater and is starting a farm in his earthbag greenhouse that he constructed. He decided that this year he would start putting his lifestyle out to the public in order to inspire others to live a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.

Dwayne and I Discuss:

  • The challenges of off-grid homesteading in the Arizona Desert
  • Finding and purchasing affordable land
  • Rainwater catchment
  • Earthbag construction
  • Growing garden plants that grow easily in your climate
  • Solar panels
  • Building skills through YouTube University
  • RV Homesteading
  • Establishing homestead income sources
  • Chiltepin peppers
  • Time management


Dwayne’s Youtube Channel:

Documentary Released by PARAGRAPHIC featuring Dwayne:

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