Function Stacking On Small Scale Homesteads


On this podcast episode, I will discuss what is commonly known as the second permaculture design principle, Stacking Functions. The application of this design principle can lead to a more productive homestead.

Homestead Updates:

Finally got more than just cold weather crops started in the greenhouse.Making progress on the podcast studio.Going to a homesteading meetup next weekend to talk about a few things and have fun.


Hangin’ Out on the Homestead Front Porch:

Lots of great posts this week, it’s funny to see half the people in there growing things already, even some harvesting things already and the other half still covered in snow.

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Main Topic Of Discussion:

Function Stacking On Small Scale Homesteads


What Is Function Stacking?

The term originated or at least gained popularity in the permaculture community. It’s defined as a element that serves multiple functions.


Function Stacking In The Garden.



  • produce
  • fodder
  • shade
  • wind block
  • compost
  • trellis


  • protection
  • Plants
  • food
  • soil amendment
  • pollinator attractor 

Function Stacking Small Scale Livestock.



  • meat
  • fur
  • manure


  • meat
  • eggs
  • feathers
  • compost material
  • labor


  • meat
  • manure


  • labor
  • castings
  • soil aeration 
  • livestock
  • food
  • fishing bait

Function Stacking Structures.

  • Raised Beds *depends on the design and building material
  • protection
  • microclimate
  • heatsink
  • shade
  • Roofs
  • weather protection
  • water collection
  • shade
  • Outer Walls
  • shade
  • heat sink
  • trellis

Applying The Function Stacking Principle To Everything.


Today’s Recommendation:


The Homestead Life: 

A new segment where each episode I will share something that’s better in my life because of homesteading.


Homemade Bread: It’s something we never did before we started homesteading and now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. The way the house smells while you’re baking it, the way you have to cut off a slice as soon as it comes out of the oven and throw some real butter on it. Noticing the little things about it like how it doesn’t stay good as long as store-bought bread, makes you wonder what all is in it that makes it stay good so long. 


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