Homesteading When Your Spouse Isn’t On Board

Homesteading When Your Spouse Isn’t On Board

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Do you have dreams of being a homesteader but your spouse doesn’t? On today’s podcast episode I want to give some of my thoughts on homesteading even if your spouse isn’t on board with the whole self-sufficiency thing.


Homestead Updates:

  • Lots of seed collecting going on.
  • Next weekend is rabbit processing day (postponed a week).
  • Major website additions going on (further updates later).
  • Best beet harvest ever.


Homesteading Relevant News:


Hangin’ Out on the Homestead Front Porch:

Question in the Front Porch for this week’s podcast episode: What would you say is your greatest success on your homestead?


Main Topic Of Discussion:

Homesteading When Your Spouse Isn’t On Board


Why your spouse isn’t on board

  • Don’t just make assumptions, ask them.


Address the issues that might get them on board

  • Money
  • Doesn’t like animals
  • Doesn’t like gardening
  • Afraid people will think they are crazy
  • Doesn’t want to be overworked
  • Doesn’t want to give up life’s comforts.
  • Whatever it is talk with them and compromise.


Start Slow

  • Don’t bring in an excavator and do major Earthworks for your new permaculture food forest.
  • Don’t take on more than you yourself can handle.


Do what you can

  • But don’t burn yourself out!


Involve them when you can

  • If there is any part of it they particularly enjoy then make sure they are involved.


Let them enjoy the changes and successes

  • Don’t rub it in their face, just let them notice.


Love them no matter what!

  • This is the person you chose to love for better or worse and while you should be able to pursue your dreams you should also be there for them to pursue theirs.


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