Build Your Own Homestead Hardware Store

Being prepared and keeping supplies around the homestead is a necessity in my opinion. That’s why I think building your very own “Homestead Hardware Store” is a good idea. There is a fine line between being prepared and being a hoarder and that distinction can be clearly drawn by keeping things in stock that you may actually use around your homestead from time to time.

On today’s podcast episode I discuss a small list of a few things I think are a good idea to have around for everyday use and occasional emergencies.


Homestead Updates:

  • Coccidiosis strikes the homestead
  • Built a rabbit processing station (make sure you didn’t already talk about this)
  • The day job is really cutting into my homesteading life (common homesteader problem)
  • Still seed saving
  • Second cucumber crop coming on strong.
  • Building a podcast studio

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Hangin’ Out on the Homestead Front Porch:

This week’s Front Porch Podcast Question: On a scale of 1-10 how important is preparedness (prepping) to you and what are you currently doing that you would consider prepping? –


Main Topic Of Discussion:

Build Your Own Homestead Hardware Store

Here is a small list of a few things I think are a good idea to have around for everyday use and occasional emergencies.


Screw Assortment

You can keep a small assortment of screws around and buy the ones you use more often in bulk. You just never know when you are gonna need just that right size screw to put something back together. I think an assortment of both wood screws and sheet metal screws is a good idea.

Assorted Wood Screws

Assorted Sheet Metal Screws


Nut and Bolt Assortment

This is one area where in the past I was more of a hoarder than someone who was prepared. I used to keep 5-gallon buckets full of used bolts and nuts and would have to search for hours for what I needed. Keeping a few common sizes in organized trays is a much better option, they will be there when you need them and it won’t take forever to find them.

Grip Nut & Bolt Assortment-Sae, 240 Piece


Assorted Zip Ties

Can a person ever have too many zip ties around, I use these things like crazy. There really are a thousand purposes for them.  I’ve used them for everything from repairing a fence to organizing wires under a desk. Trust me, when the need arises you will wish you had some on hand.

(Combo Pack) 200 Self-Locking 6+8+12-Inch 


Assorted Nails

I admit I use screws more than nails these days but sometimes a nail is the right thing for the job, I mean you nail down a roofing shingle you don’t screw it down. Keeping a few different nails around is an absolute necessity, from brad nails to roofing nails to framing nails, you should have some of each around.

500 Piece Assorted Nails 


Gasket Maker

This stuff is pretty handy to have around as well. If a gasket to something ever gives way this stuff will make do until you can get a replacement gasket.

Permatex RTV Silicone Gasket Maker


Gorilla Glue

The infamous gorilla glue has so many emergency applications I can’t even imagine not having this stuff around anymore.

4 oz Original Gorilla Glue 


Gorilla Tape

I used to be a big fan of that regular silver duct tape until I used gorilla tape. This tape has amazed me time and time again. I once patched a tarp on a trailer that I pulled every day, 2 years later the tape was still there and not leaking.

 Black Gorilla Tape 1.88 In. x 35 Yd., One Roll


Electrical Tape

Maybe you’re not the kind of person that would do your own minor electrical work but maybe you’re like me and you do, if so then you have to have some electrical tape around. Even if your not then having some around for when you see an electrical cord with some damage that needs to be covered up is a great use.

Premium Vinyl Electrical Tape 6 Roll Pack 


Circular Saw Blades

Having various blades for your circular saw around is another good idea. When you have to cut something different than normal or just have a blade getting dull it’s nice to not have to stop in the middle of a job and run to the hardware store.

Assorted 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blades 


Extra Bits For Cordless Drill

I personally have several sets of bits for my cordless drill because bits wear out or you lose them. My cordless drill is by far the most used tool I have but it is worthless without the bits so keep plenty around to get the job done.

Milwaukee 40-Piece Screw Driving Set


Fluids, Lubes, and Cleaners

Take an inventory of all the fluids, lubes, and cleaners you use around your homestead and stock up a little extra. Oil, antifreeze, WD-40, hand cleaner, household cleaning items, whatever it is you should get some extra because those things we only use occasionally run out when we least expect it and always when we need it.

WD-40 12oz. (3-Pack)


Assorted Wires

You may think you will never need a piece of electrical wire but I find myself needing some all the time. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to fix lights on a trailer and a piece of wire was what was needed.

Stranded Wire Kit 16 Gauge (25 Feet)


Assorted Electrical Connectors

If you’re gonna use electrical wire then you’re gonna need some connectors too. These assorted kits are inexpensive and make the job much easier so have a kit around for when you need it.



Hose Repair Kit

A couple of these kits are handy to keep around for when your hose decides it can’t take the pressure anymore and gives up. It doesn’t happen to me often but when it does I’m glad I have the pieces on hand to make a quick fix.

Garden Hose Eco- Kit, hose repair & conserve, Hose Washers, Replacement hose parts


Assorted Batteries

We have always just kept an assortment of batteries in a kitchen drawer but that was until I came across this sweet little organizer that holds 82 assorted batteries plus has a tester. One look and you know what you need to stock up on and you always know where to find your batteries when you need them.

Range Kleen Battery Organizer with Removable Tester


Tarps and Plastic

Tarps and plastic are a no-brainer. I consider these mostly an emergency item but I also find myself using them in day-to-day chores for all kinds of things. Do yourself a favor and keep a few tarps around and a roll or two of plastic.

Assorted Tarps



Having some rope on hand is always a good idea, it may be one of the most simple things you can think of, and yet it is also one of those things often forgotten about. You just never know when you’re going to need some rope.

Diamond Braid Polypropylene Rope, 3/16 by 100 Feet


Plumbing Parts

Whatever plumbing you have on your homestead you should make sure you have some spare pieces for quick repairs in an emergency. Evaluate your own needs here and make a decision on what seems reasonable to have on hand.

Assorted PVC or Appropriate Plumbing Pieces


Assorted Lumber

This is the thing I use most often around my homestead. I’m always building or repairing something that needs a piece of wood so I keep plenty on hand. If I had to run to the lumber yard every time I needed a piece of lumber I would never have time for the actual projects I’m working on. Put up some kind of rack system in your garage and keep plenty of spare lumber of all sizes on hand.


These are just a few ideas for putting together your very own Homestead Hardware Store where you can go to every time you need that simple thing to keep the homestead operating. Look at your own situation, determine the things it makes sense for you to stock up on and make your life a little simpler and save time by having those things on hand.


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