How Much Can You Do On A One Acre Homestead With Guest Jordy Buck

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, I Have A Discussion With Michigan Homesteader Jordy Buck About His Journey Into Homesteading And His One Acre Homestead.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 162 – October 28, 2022

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The Journey of a Modern Homesteader: Jordy Buck’s Story

Welcome to another episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, where we had the pleasure of talking to Jordy Buck, a homesteader from West Central Michigan. Jordy shared his journey into homesteading, which began around 2011 when he moved out on his own. Starting with a mobile home and a small garden, Jordy’s journey showcases the evolution of a homesteader who started with little and gradually built a sustainable lifestyle.

Overcoming Initial Challenges in Gardening

Jordy’s initial foray into gardening was not without its challenges. He struggled with poor soil quality and limited harvests. However, his perseverance paid off. Through consistent effort, reading, and learning, he improved his gardening skills. His story is a testament to the power of persistence and the importance of soil health in gardening success.

Expanding the Homestead: Chickens and Rabbits

An interesting turn in Jordy’s homesteading journey was the addition of chickens and rabbits. He received chickens from a friend and a chicken coop from his dad, which significantly contributed to his homesteading efforts. Later, he added Silver Fox rabbits, using their manure to enrich his garden soil. This highlights the interconnectedness of different aspects of homesteading, where each element supports and enhances the others.

Embracing Closed-Loop Systems

A key focus of our discussion with Jordy was his emphasis on closed-loop systems in homesteading. He meticulously plans his homestead activities to minimize external inputs and maximize self-reliance. This approach is evident in his use of chicken tractors, strategic animal breeding, and growing food for livestock. Jordy’s methods exemplify how homesteaders can create sustainable cycles that benefit the entire homestead.

Innovations in Small-Space Homesteading

Despite having just one acre, Jordy has accomplished a lot, including a large garden, managing livestock, and building infrastructure like a greenhouse. His story is an inspiration for those who may have limited space but are eager to embark on homesteading. Jordy demonstrates that with creativity and efficient use of space, small-scale homesteading can be highly productive.

The Role of Hunting and Food Preservation

We also touched upon Jordy’s experience with hunting and how it contributes to his homesteading goals. Although hunting plays a less prominent role now, it remains a viable option for supplementing his homestead’s meat supply. Additionally, Jordy and his family engage in food preservation, mainly through canning, to ensure a year-round supply of nutritious food.

Sharing Knowledge: Blogging and YouTube

Jordy’s passion for sharing his knowledge led him to start a blog and a YouTube channel. Through these platforms, he provides valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring homesteaders. His blog, Northern Homesteading, and his YouTube channel, Homestead Know-How, are resources for anyone seeking guidance in their homesteading journey.

Conclusion: The Essence of Modern Homesteading

Jordy Buck’s story is a compelling example of modern homesteading. It showcases the transformation from a beginner gardener to a self-sufficient homesteader. His journey emphasizes the importance of learning, adapting, and creating sustainable systems within a homestead. Jordy’s experience serves as an inspiration and a guide for those looking to embark on their own homesteading adventure.

In summary, our conversation with Jordy Buck provided a fascinating glimpse into the life of a modern homesteader. His journey from humble beginnings to a thriving homestead exemplifies the essence of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and the spirit of homesteading.


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