Inkbird Heating Temperature Controller

If you start seedlings, raise small livestock, need to control the heating temperature on just about anything, then you need the Inkbird ITC-306T Pre-wired Electronic Heating Temperature Controller and Digital Timer Controller. I have found this tool to be invaluable on my homestead.

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photo of the Inkbird ITC-306T Pre-Wired Electronic Heating Thermostat Temperature Controller

A Simple Explanation Of What It Does

In layman’s terms, the Inkbird ITC-306T Electronic Heating Temperature Controller is simply an electronic digital heating thermostat that makes it easy to control the temperature to your needs.

No need to overcomplicate it. Sometimes in homesteading applications, there is a need to heat things up to an optimal temperature for the best results and this product can do that.

Product Description and Specifications

This product has a convenient, plug-and-play, easy-to-use design that displays either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. It also has dual display windows to show measured temperature and set the temperature at the same time which I find to be an excellent feature.

Another feature this product has is dual time cycle settings which can set different temperatures from day and night on the basis of the physical needs of animals and plants during 24 hours. This is not a feature I have used myself but I could see useful applications for it in certain settings.

From The Manufacturer:

Temperature Control Range-50~99 ℃,-58 ~ 210 °F
Temperature Resolution0.1°F
Temperature Accuracy± 2 °F (-58 ~ 160 °F)
Temperature Control ModeOn/Off Control, Heating
Input Power100 ~ 240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature Control OutputMax. 10A, 100V ~240V AC
NTC Sensor Length2m / 6.56ft
Input Power Cable Length1.5m (5ft)
Output Power Cable Length25cm (1ft)
Body Dimensions5.5×2.7×1.3 inches
Ambient Temperature-30~ 75 ° C / -22~ 167 ° F

How Do You Use It

Place the unit in a location where it will stay dry and place the NTC Sensor in the area where temperature needs to be maintained.

You will then plug the heat source (i.e. heater, seed mat, heat lamp) into one of the plugins on the unit and plug the Inkbird Temperature Controller into a standard 110 volt outlet.

I won’t go into all the settings here but the pdf instructions can be downloaded at the Inkbird website here. The settings I use most often are the desired temperature and the temperature variance.

Setting The Temperature

To set the temperature on the device, press down the set key for 3 seconds to enter the menu mode. Pressing the arrow up and down keys at this point will set the desired temperature.

Setting The Heating Differential

You can then press the set key to go to the DS1 menu code for the heating differential. This is the temperature variance where the device will turn on and off. For example, if the device is set for 99° and you set the heating differential at 2° the device will maintain the temperature between 97° and 99°.

To lock in your settings you must press and hold the set key for 3 seconds and it will exit the menu mode.

What Can You Use It For

I’m sure there are an endless number of applications for a tool like this but some that are obvious and some I’ve used it for are:

Heating Aquariums

Most aquaculture requires an aquarium to maintain a certain heated temperature for best results which this product could help you do.

Hatching Eggs

If you don’t have a commercial egg incubator then you could use this tool in combination with a DIY Incubator to maintain the optimal temperature for hatching eggs.

Brooding Poultry Chicks

This is the purpose I originally purchased this item for and it works great. I brood quail chicks several times a year and this product has never failed to help me produce the ideal temperature environment for my birds.

photo of quail chicks in brooder

Fermenting Exceleration

Yeast activity slows as the temperature drops, but stops entirely if the temperature is too high. By maintaining a constant temperature, you can create the perfect conditions for the fermentation of drinks and foods.

Seed Germination Exceleration

Seeds germinate best at certain temperatures depending on the plant. Using this temperature controller in combination with seed heat mats can help you achieve faster germination of your seeds.

Heating A Room

It’s not something in the documentation of this product but I literally used this tool with a electric fireplace to heat my office in the barn last winter.

What I Didn’t Like When I Bought This Product

When this product first arrived and I went to use it I found the directions over simplified and not very helpful when doing simple things like just setting the temperature on the device. I actually had to do a Google search just to get the information.

That’s partly why I included the information above on how to use it so others don’t have the same problem.

Why I Recommend This Product

It Works Great! This product does everything it is supposed to do with no hassle. Once you learn how to use it the process of setting it up for your need is quick and painless.

It Is Built Well! I have had this product for a few years now and constantly use it without any issues. That tells me it is a product built to last if you take good care of it.

It’s Affordable! I paid around $30 for this product a few years ago and that is money well spent in my opinion. When I consider all the benefits I have gained from using this tool it feels like it was almost free.

Where Can You Get It

It can be purchased in many places online but I got mine at for a great price and received it quickly as an Amazon Prime Member. You can also see this product has an excellent rating with some great product reviews at Amazon.

Inkbird ITC-306T Pre-Wired Electronic Heating Thermostat Temperature Controller and 24 Hours Digital Day & Night Cycle Timer Controller for Seed Germination Reptiles Hatching
  • 👏👏【Convenient Design】Plug and play, easy to use. Support reading with...
  • 👏👏【Dual Display Window】Be able to display measured temperature and set...
  • 👏👏【Dual Time Cycle Setting】Can be set different temperature from day...

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