Self-Reliance or Homesteading Community? The Answer Is Yes

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold and Rachel Have A Conversation About Self-Reliance and Homesteading Community, How They Work Together and How to Find and Be Involved In Community.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 151 – August 17, 2022 – Self-Reliance or Homesteading Community? The Answer Is Yes.

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Topics of Discussion

  • When it comes to Self-Reliance and Community does one exclude the other?
  • Building and Being Involved With Local Community
    • Skill Building Classes
    • Local Meetups
    • Farmers Market
    • Community Gardens
    • Quilting/sewing/fiber craft clubs
    • Wildcrafting 
  • Community Through Events
    • Homesteaders of (State) Meetups
    • Homesteaders of America
    • Historical Societies/Reenacting (sp?)
  • Online Communities
    • Forums
    • Youtube
    • Facebook Groups
    • Other Social Media platforms
  • If you can’t find a community you can make one!  

Listener Questions and Feedback:

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