Small Scale Seed and Nut Oil Production with Guest Bevin Cohen

On this podcast episode, Harold talks with Bevin Cohen about homestead-level seed and nut oil production, how it’s done, and the many beneficial uses of the oil and the byproducts of the process.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 226 – November 1, 2023

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Bevin is an author, herbalist, podcast host, and owner of Small House Farm in Michigan. He’s an avid seed saver and storyteller. Bevin has written or edited more than 10 books including his book published in 2022, The Complete Guide to Seed & Nut Oils, through New Society Publishers.

The Complete Guide to Seed and Nut Oils: Growing, Foraging, and Pressing
  • Cohen, Bevin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 144 Pages – 04/05/2022 (Publication Date) – New Society Publishers (Publisher)
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Small Scale Seed and Nut Oil Production

The core of this journey is the art of pressing oil at home. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t require significant investment or time. The process can be incredibly rewarding, yielding high-quality oils that surpass anything available in stores.

Ideal Crops for Oil Production

For those considering this path, starting with sunflowers is recommended. They’re easy to grow and produce a significant amount of seeds, ideal for oil extraction. Interestingly, the seeds don’t require extensive processing – they can be pressed with their shells on. Other options include black walnuts, known for their premium oil, and peanuts, particularly in warmer climates.

The Technical Side

When it comes to the equipment needed for oil pressing, a high-quality, hand-cranked oil press is sufficient. The process involves securing the press, understanding the pressing rate, and knowing how to store the oil properly. Each type of seed or nut produces a different oil, requiring specific storage conditions to maintain freshness and nutritional value.

Small Scale Seed and Nut Oil Production With My Piteba Oil Press

Beyond the Press

What’s fascinating is the array of uses for the oils and by-products of the pressing process. From cooking and salad dressings to creating herbal remedies and feeding livestock, the possibilities are endless. The seed cake, a by-product, can be used as animal feed, turned into nut butter, or even added to compost.

Embracing the Homesteading Ethos

This story is more than just about pressing oil; it’s a testament to the homesteading ethos. It’s about self-reliance, sustainability, and connecting with the land. Whether it’s growing sunflowers, foraging for nuts, or pressing oil, each step brings us closer to a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life.

We hope this post inspires you to explore the world of small-scale seed and nut oil production and consider the many facets of a self-sufficient lifestyle.

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