Goats, Fencing, Soap, and More with Guests Dave & Amanda Allen

On this podcast episode, join Rachel as she interviews Dave & Amanda Allen, who have a small 7-acre homestead in Indiana. Their homestead has been a work in progress since they moved there. Listen and learn about goats, fencing, soap, and more.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 225 – October 25, 2023

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A Journey into Homesteading: An Insightful Conversation with Dave and Amanda Allen

Introduction: In a captivating episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, host Rachel Jamison engaged in a detailed conversation with Dave and Amanda Allen. The Allens, once city dwellers, shared their inspiring transformation into successful homesteaders in Northern Indiana.

Embracing Homesteading: From City Life to Rural Bliss Despite their urban upbringing, Dave and Amanda Allen discovered a shared passion for homesteading. Their journey began independently, with each venturing into raising chickens and ducks before their paths converged. The couple’s initial struggles with gardening and their eventual expansion into a more diverse range of homesteading activities highlight the learning curve and adaptability inherent in this lifestyle.

Developing a Diverse Homestead The Allens’ homestead includes a variety of animals, each serving a specific purpose. From the “gateway” chickens and ducks to meat-producing poultry and goats for soap-making, their homestead is a testament to sustainable living. The couple emphasizes the therapeutic benefits of homesteading.

Overcoming Challenges and Innovating Solutions Homesteading is not without its trials, as the Allens discovered. They shared their experiences with challenges like fencing for goats, managing predators, and the intricacies of goat milking. Their problem-solving approach, whether in addressing livestock needs or innovating with solar power for self-sufficiency, demonstrates the resilience and creativity needed in homesteading.

From Goat Milk to Natural Soap: A Business Blossoms Amanda’s venture into soap-making using goat milk evolved from a necessity to manage surplus milk. This hobby turned into a thriving business, Boha Soap Works, offering a range of natural skincare products. The business’s growth and its focus on quality, natural ingredients reflect the homesteading ethos of self-reliance and sustainability.

Conclusion: Dave and Amanda Allen’s journey into homesteading is a narrative of transformation, learning, and growth. Their story, filled with practical insights and personal experiences, offers valuable lessons for anyone interested in embracing a more sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle. Through their challenges and triumphs, the Allens exemplify the spirit of modern homesteading.