Stainless Steel 1 Gallon Countertop Compost Bin

Composting is something every gardener, and I might argue every household, should be doing. Having a countertop compost bin can make the job easier and more pleasant to deal with, making it more likely something you will continue to do every day.

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Kitchen Compost Bucket

What Is A Countertop Compost Bin and Some Of Its Features?

A simple description of a countertop compost bin is a bucket to put your food crops in, but wait; there’s more!

Because of the one-piece stainless steel design, these bins are easy to clean, can’t leak, and resists rust, which is important for something that will sit in your kitchen day after day. Oh, and it looks nice too!

The 1-gallon size really is perfect for holding just the right amount of food scraps. The limit of one gallon will keep you from letting it not get emptied often enough but still large enough to hold plenty of food scraps. This also keeps it lightweight for carrying on your frequent trips to the outside compost bin.

Odor isn’t an issue with normal food scraps because the lid is tightly fitted and uses a replaceable activated-charcoal filter. Personally, I’ve let mine sit on a countertop for a few days filled with food scraps with no odor whatsoever.

Why Do I Think You Should Have One?

I believe every homesteader and gardener should be composting food scraps. If you are composting, then having a countertop compost bin to make the collection and transfer of your food scraps to the larger outdoor bin convenient will make it easy.

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I’ve read recently that the number one thing in America’s landfills is food and that nearly half of all fruits and vegetables get thrown out. There really is no reason these things need to be in landfills when they can be used to produce a quality garden soil amendment in the form of compost right on your property.

Do You Absolutely Need One?

The simple fact is you don’t absolutely need one. You can collect your scraps in a bucket or a bowl and take them directly to the compost bin. These countertop bins just make things a little more convenient, less smelly, and aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t let not having a beautiful countertop compost bin keep you from composting your food scraps, but if you have the money to pick one up, I think they are a great tool to make the job easier and more pleasant.

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