What is Bokashi Composting?

Photo of food scraps in bokashi compost

Bokashi is a form of composting that is different than other types of composting since it is an anaerobic rather than aerobic process that ferments organic material instead of fully decomposing it. Bokashi composting requires some special equipment and materials but can produce finished compost in a short period of time. Bokashi compost is highly nutritious for plants and can also be a valuable addition to other forms of composting.

A Great Option For Composting Indoors Year Round

Unlike kitchen countertop food scrap containers, you can compost directly in your kitchen. Bokashi composting uses beneficial microbes in a bucket with an airtight lid to ferment leftover food scraps (even meat, dairy, and oils) without strong odors or flies. You can easily compost after every meal.

Start Composting The Bokashi Way

An easy way to get started is by purchasing a Bokashi Compost Starter Kit which comes with a bucket, microbial inoculant, and bokashi bran.

It is also helpful to have some useful resources for information available. A great book on the subject is Bokashi Composting: Scraps to Soil in Weeks by Adam Footer. A great online resource is BokashiLiving.com with some excellent articles on how to get started and maintain your bokashi composting system.

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