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What’s Going On With My Tomato Plant?

The main topic of today’s podcast is about identifying common problems with tomato plants and organic ways to fix the problems. This is a question I get asked often and I see being asked all over social media, “what’s going on with my tomato plant?” and I have to say it’s a good question because in the many years I have been growing tomatoes I’ve discovered they are a fickle plant and at one time or another I’ve had about every problem with them.

I will discuss in the podcast:

Early Blight

Late or Fire Blight

Septoria Leaf Spot

Yellow leaves

Wilting Leaves

Cracks in Tomatoes

Organic Solutions to these Common Problems.

Also, I will talk about what’s new on my homestead and share a few thoughts on world events.


Resources Mentioned on Today’s Show:

USA blight, a national website that acts as an information portal on late blight.

A product I mentioned as a booster for tomato plants, Biowash.

The recipe for the cornmeal juice mixture I mentioned is from as is listed among several other organic gardening recipes at this link-

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