8 Ways To Make Use Of Fallen Leaves

On this episode of the Modern Homesteading Podcast, Harold and Rachel Share 8 Valuable Ways To Make Use Of The Fallen Leaves On The Homestead.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 167 – November 15, 2022

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8 Ways To Make Use Of Fallen Leaves On Your Homestead

  • 1. Leave Them Where They Are
    • Feeds The Soil Where They Land
    • Benefits Wildlife
  • 2. Garden Bed Mulch
    • Suppresses Weeds
    • Helps Soil Retain Moisture
    • Breaks Down Into Humus, Feeds Soil, and Improves Tilth
  • 3. Compost Biomass
    • Great “Brown” Organic Matter For Compost (mix greens and browns appropriately for best results). Ideally, a Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio of around 30:1 (leaves have a Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio of about 80:1) or 3 to 1 by volume.
    • Works Best When Leaves Are Shredded
  • 4. Leaf Mold
    • What Is Leaf Mold?
      • Leaf Mold or Mould Is leaves that are composted slowly in a fungal-driven process rather than by traditional compost methods which are a bacterially-driven process.
    • Benefits To Soil
      • Helps With Moisture Retention
      • Improves and Aerates Soil Structure
      • Increases Beneficial Micro-organisms
    • How To Make It
      • Create a large pile in a wood or wire compost bin, slightly moisten, and let sit for 2 years.
      • Can be sped up by shredding leaves and turning.
  • 5. Insulate Root Vegetables, Bulbs, Bushes, and Trees
    • Helps Protect Against Extreme Cold Weather
    • Pull Back From Trunk When Using Around Trees
  • 6. Use Them In Hugelkultur Mounds
    • Use In Conjunction With Logs Sticks and Other Biomass.
    • Process Works To Fill Lower Levels Of Tall Raised Beds Also.
  • 7. Burn Them and Make Potash and Lye
    • Use Potash To Increase Potassium In Soil If Needed and To Increase Ph of Soil
    • Lye Can Be Made Of Ash To Make Things Like Furniture Polish, Drain Cleaner, and Oven Cleaner.
  • 8. Animal Bedding
    • Make sure they are dry, best if shredded.  They do break down quicker. 


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