Building A Homestead One New Thing At A Time With Guest Heather Eby

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On today’s podcast, my guest is Heather Eby. Heather and her family have a ten-acre homestead in Kansas and they are building their homestead by adding one new thing at a time. Heather is a wonderful storyteller and blogger with a real passion for homesteading.

Heather and I discuss Building a homestead and many other topics:

  • Why she became a homesteader.
  • The slow progress of her homestead rather than trying to do too many new things at once.
  • The variety of livestock on her homestead: chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, and dairy cows.
  • Some great predator stories: snakes, foxes, and coyotes.
  • A walk through her garden. What she’s growing and the layout.
  • Her one tree orchard.
  • Some thoughts on future plans for her homestead.

You can check out more about Heather and her homestead at her blog


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