Continuing To Turn An Old, Run-Down Appalachian Property Into A Functional Farm

In this episode, guest hosts Troy and Kelly McClung discuss their eager anticipation of warmer weather on their homestead in central West Virginia. Their to-do list is long and the excitement is building to see what can be accomplished this season.


Some details discussed are:


Pastured Pig Plans

  • Getting ready for a February farrowing of piglets
  • Dealing with copious amounts of mud
  • Reseeding and Rotating pigs on Pastures


Chicken Plans

  • Raising meat chickens
  • comparing Cornish X to a heritage breed
  • dealing with non-egg laying chickens
  • trying to get the egg flock to 100


Garden Plans

  • building a new garden space
  • investigating a hoop house structure for the garden


Marriage Retreat Plans

  • using the back of the property to build a rustic retreat for married couples
  • homestead skills needed to build this small retreat
  • off grid details needed for the retreat


Irrigation and Water Management

  • Using natural springs and gravity to provide water to the homestead
  • IBC totes for water storage
  • Taking advantage of wastewater from the house


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