Q & A Episode- Seed Starting, Adding Compost To Garden, Self Employed Health Insurance and More

On today’s podcast episode I will be giving my thoughts on some questions from you, the listeners. I will be answering questions today on seed starting, how and when to add finished compost to a garden, I’ll give my thoughts on health insurance for the self-employed, tanning rabbit hides, the software I use to do my “techy stuff” and what life looks like a little further along in the homesteading journey.

Today’s Questions:


Helen asks – I’d love to hear your seed starting tips. I’ll be starting to sow seed for this season in mid-February so it’s coming up fast! My soil is heavy clay and our season is relatively short so I prefer to start seeds in trays, pots even guttering. What are your favorite methods or does it depend on the crop?





Danny asks – I have some finished compost ready to be added to the garden. I’ve read lots of articles on making compost. I’ve read lots of articles on finishing compost. I’ve never had anyone write an article on when to add compost. So when and how do you add compost to a raised bed garden?



Lori asks – I’m curious about what your thoughts are on health insurance for a family with kids that is self-employed – I’ve listened to many of your podcasts recently that deal with income generating ideas for self-employment but that side of it was untouched. I have done some research on the matter, but am always interested in hearing more first-hand experiences with this side of self-employment.





Jessie asks – Have you ever done any hide tanning with your rabbits’ pelts? If so, can you give us some tips?





Amy asks – I want to start sharing our homesteading experiences like you do. Would you mind sharing what software you use for the techy stuff like blogging, Youtube videos, podcasting, and picture editing?





Aaron Asks – Give us a picture of what it looks like further along the homestead journey.



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