Farm Life And Business With Guest Jill Baker

Join host Rachel Jamison as she interviews Jill Baker of Baker’s Green Acres in Marion Michigan. In this episode we discuss homeschooling, health, and balance all while running a farm, butcher shop, milk, and meat CSA, plus starting an online membership website. 

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 166 – November 11, 2022

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Embracing Homesteading and Sustainable Living with Jill Baker of Baker’s Green Acres


Welcome to the Modern Homesteading Podcast, featuring Rachel Jamison’s insightful discussion with Jill Baker, a homesteader, entrepreneur, and health advocate from Michigan. Jill’s multifaceted life on Baker’s Green Acres offers a deep dive into sustainable farming, homeschooling, and health-conscious living.

Homesteading and Farm Life

Jill shares the current dynamics of their homestead: preparing for turkey harvests, processing beef and pigs, and wrapping up chicken processing. Their farming approach is highly seasonal, focusing on community-driven CSA models for chicken, pork, and beef. They also manage dairy cows, providing a rich source of milk and dairy products.

From Childhood Dreams to Homestead Reality

Reflecting on her journey, Jill didn’t envision her current life as a farmer and entrepreneur. Her childhood aspirations revolved around a therapy ranch concept, later transitioning to occupational therapy. This experience laid the foundation for her holistic approach to life and health, eventually leading her to Ayurveda.

Integrating Homeschooling

Jill discusses the integration of homeschooling within their farm life, emphasizing practical learning and life skills. This approach allows their children to learn about money management, customer service, and essential academic skills within the farm’s context. The Baker family follows a flexible yet structured homeschooling routine, fitting education into their daily farm activities.

Health and Wellness: A Holistic Approach

Jill’s journey into Ayurveda and holistic health was driven by personal health challenges. She emphasizes the importance of aligning eating habits with natural rhythms, advocating for substantial midday meals and lighter dinners. This approach aligns with the body’s natural digestive patterns and is particularly beneficial in northern climates with distinct seasonal changes.

Embracing Seasonal Eating and Sustainable Farming

The Bakers’ diet primarily consists of homegrown foods, with a strong emphasis on meat due to their homesteading model. They discuss the benefits of consuming meat seasonally, especially during winter, when the body’s digestive system is primed for nutrient-dense foods. This approach also aligns with traditional butchering seasons, avoiding stress on animals and ensuring higher quality meat.

Education and Community Involvement

The Bakers are actively involved in educating others about sustainable farming and homesteading. They offer various classes, including hog harvesting and charcuterie, teaching valuable skills for processing and preserving meat. Their involvement extends to the online community through platforms like Tribe Plus, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources.

Conclusion: Homesteading as a Way of Life

Jill Baker’s insights highlight the multifaceted nature of homesteading, blending farming, family life, education, and health into a cohesive lifestyle. Their approach to sustainable living, community involvement, and continuous learning exemplifies the essence of modern homesteading.

Reminder to listeners: “Grow where you’re planted,” embracing the journey of learning and adapting to your environment.

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